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Who Am I?

I’m Shawn Ketcherside. I’ve been in the game industry a long time…

… Like, a really long time. I’ve been in the game industry for nearly 25 years spanning several disciplines, culminating in over a decade of production, management, and leadership roles.

After breaking into the game industry in 2000, I’ve worked as a programmer, scripter, designer, writer, director, and producer in small independent studios, scrappy start-ups, mobile-focused studios, and enormous AAA monoliths. 

Now, I love taking the experience I’ve honed over the years and across all those disciplines to help indie developers find success. While I’ll always love the big AAA games, it’s in the indie scene that I see the innovation, fresh ideas, passion, and energy that drew me to the industry in the first place.

Studio History

Some of the Studios I’ve Worked With

What I Talk About

Topics On Indie Game Production

Production & Planning

Learn the frameworks, techniques, and tactics you need to know to plan, drive, and finish your game.

Publishing & Launch Strategy

Build a strategy leveraging platforms, partnerships, community, marketing, and metrics to launch your game with its greatest chance of success.

Leadership & Vision

Inspire collaboration, innovation, and passion with your team and your players with clear and effective communication.

Motivation & Discipline

Tips and tactics to keep going, stay focused, and keep making progress, even when facing challenges & setbacks. You can’t ship a game you don’t finish.

Time Management & Prioritization

Learn skills, techniques, and strategies to make the most effective use of your time, to ensure the most efficient path to getting everything done.

Tools, Process, & Systems

Discussions on tools, systems, structures, and approaches to make your work faster, easier, and more efficient – enabling you and your team to get more done.

Games have the power to draw us in on a level deeper than most any other form of entertainment. They are an incredible combination of technology, art, craft, and passion – unfortunately, without a cohesive strategy to bring all those elements together, amazing projects can fall apart before they’re ever in the hands of players.
– Shawn Ketcherside

Are you a solo or small-team indie dev struggling to finish and ship your game?

How I Can Help

Check out these articles and resources for actionable information for busy game devs. If you’re a busy game dev looking to get your game done in less time, at greater quality, and with the best chance of success? If so, check out these articles and resources for help.