Welcome to the newly renovated and relaunched shawnketcherside.com

It’s a very exciting time.  I just released Silicon Override, my debut sci-fi/technothriller – available on Amazon now.  It’s amazing to see it finally launched – the culmination of several years of starts/stops/restarts/reboots and… some general procrastination on my part.  Now, in conjunction with that, I’ve relaunched this site.

So, who am I?

I’m a veteran game developer.  I’ve worked on games in a wide variety of capacities (Programming, Scripting, Design, Production, and Leadership). I haven’t really done any art, mostly because I’m terrible at it.  I also haven’t done any audio work, because I don’t have an ear for it.  I mean, I have ears, just not the kind with the talent to hear the subtleties of audio that amazing sound designers have.

I’m also an author, though I suspect you probably figured that out already.  I’ve been writing about as long as I’ve been doing game development. I’ve even combined the two, working in a writing capacity on Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic.

As for what’s next…

I’m working on some additional content for Silicon Override now, some ancillary & behind-the-scenes stuff for the book & world that will be available here, and a few other surprises in the works as well.

I’m also in the middle of the early phases of my next book.  Any interesting note here, authors tackle their work in a whole ton of different ways – but generally, there’s some phases to writing that we all go through. Almost everyone has a “favorite” phase. Some like outlining – figuring out the story. Some like the first draft, or even “zero” draft if they’re more discovery-writer types.  Others love the editing phase, seeing the whole thing come together.

For me, I’ve discovered my favorite phase is:  Any phase I’m not currently doing.  If it’s a phase that’s coming up, I look forward to it. If it’s a phase I’ve completed, I look back on it fondly.  When I’m in it though.

I hate it.

Anyway, that aside – I wanted to let you know what kinds of things you might see here.

So, what do I post about?

Well, as noted above, I’ll be adding some ancillary content to my works.  I’ll also be posting updates on my progress (or lack thereof)

Also, being a fan of almost everything nerdy – You can expect a lot of posts about games & the game industry, movies, anime, comics, and the such.

My goal is to try and update here a couple of times a month (hopefully more, and hopefully NOT less).

Cool. How & where can I follow you?

You can follow me on Twitter.  I’m a little quiet on there. I’m trying to tweet more, but I get tweet-shy.  You can also check out my author page in Goodreads, or subscribe to my newsletter for regular updates.

Regardless if you follow me, or you’re just stopping by out of curiosity, or your friend sent you a prank link to what you thought was going to be an amazing panda video and it turned out to be this (sorry – and your friend is a jerk..  and also kind of awesome.) I appreciate you checking things out.