About Me

Shawn, an unabashed follower in nerdy pop culture, loves video games, books, anime, movies, comic books, toys, and television – where he holds a borderline unhealthy obsession with “The Office.”

For games, he loves most anything, though he harbors a special love for retro titles.  And while he’ll play MMOs, he seldom ventures into the competitive online space. Not because he dislikes the games, simply because he knows he’s utterly terrible and doesn’t wish to inflict his awfulness on any potential teammates, who’d invariably have to carry him to victory like a mewling, baby-yoda-esque, toddler.  Except, instead of being able to use the Force, is special power is being really bad at competitive games.

Shawn has spent 2 decades (wait… really? It can’t be that long) in the game industry, where he’s worked as a programmer, designer, writer, and producer.  In his time in the game industry, Shawn has worked on in various roles on several amazing companies and several amazing titles, including Wordscapes, Super Lucky’s Tale, Star Trek: Elite Force II, and Bioware’s epic story-driven rpg – Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Now, after years of helping to create worlds and stories for interactive gameplay, he’s turned his creative and narrative talents to novels and linear storytelling.  His tense and action-packed debut novel – Silicon Override – is due for release in early 2021, and his latest work is already in development.

When he’s not working, writing, playing games, procrastinating, or binge-watching The Office, Parks & Rec, or Brooklyn 99. Shawn enjoys spending time with his family in their Texas home.