1000 feet underwater...

Inside the most advanced biotech research facility ever constructed...


An accident transforms the entire staff into nanotech enhanced killers, all jacked into a hive-mind. Their every action controlled and directed by a megalomaniacal entity hell-bent on remaking all of reality.


The only thing in her way is a small group of survivors, desperate to find any means of escape.


What I’m Reading – Interference by Brad Parks

By Shawn Ketcherside / November 7, 2020

Hey Everyone! I’m sure readers out there already know how Mysteries and Thrillers are a little bit like cousins.  Different, but sharing some DNA.  I tend to read (and write) more on the Thriller side of the family tree.  I don’t have anything against a well-crafted mystery, I just gravitate more to the action and …

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What I’m Playing This Weekend

By Shawn Ketcherside / October 17, 2020

Hope you’re having a great weekend.  I know I am.  I’m tearing through the copy edits for Silicon Override, and working on something else special I hope to announce here in the near future. Aside from that, when I’m shirking my actual work – I’m currently engrossed in a few games.  The one that’s got …

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